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A range of delicious choices from Chicco di Caffè

Before or after your tour of the museum, we are happy to have you stay with us a little longer and enjoy coffee or a snack.

Siemens MedMuseum Museum café people

Our museum café offers a selection of specialty coffees, snacks and soft drinks.

Siemens Medmuseum Café coffee preparation

The select coffee at Chicco di Café comes from small plantations in Peru. After it arrives in Germany, it is gently roasted at a private roastery, using the traditional drum method. We then prepare the freshly roasted coffee ourselves.

Siemens Medmuseum Café sweets

The café also offers sweet delicacies such as special chocolate bars and Tartufo Dolce. Enjoy a little something sweet with your coffee!

Siemens Medmuseum Café additional beverages

For those looking for an alternative to coffee, there are various kinds of tea, hot chocolate, and chai tea latte.

Siemens MedMuseum Museumscafé

And if you're feeling like a bite to eat, cake and sandwiches are available.

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