Tracing the History of Medical Technology

Appointment upon request | An exciting tour of the MedMuseum for students

Why does an X-ray image show bones in white, but the surrounding area in black? Why does a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system have nothing to do with X-ray technology? How are urine test strips analyzed? What can be seen from an EKG curve? Students (from class 9 /secondary school) explore interesting questions like these and many more on a new tour called “Tracing the History of Medical Technology,” which was designed especially for them.

Students who are participating in the tour set out to look for clues themselves at the MedMuseum. Equipped with worksheets, they split up into groups and explore the various areas of the museum, where they see concrete examples of how physical phenomena are used in medical practice. After the exploratory tour, the teams introduce their area of the museum to the other students and present their results. The tour is suitable for students from class 9 visiting a secondary school. 

Want to find out more? For more information on aspects such as the concept behind the tour and how it ties in with the curriculum as well as working materials, please see the teacher’s guide to the student tour, which you can order by contacting