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Focusing on the heart – a look back at history

World Heart Day is September 29th

The heart is a complex organ, and one of the most important in the human body. People have wanted to study it for a long time, but physicians could not look inside until the discovery of X-rays, in 1895. The first images of the beating heart were produced not long afterward, in the early 20th century. But the methods used at the time were laborious and time-consuming, and initial images of the heart were very blurry. Patients had to hold still for minutes at a time for an X-ray image to be produced. A lot has changed since then.


You’re invited to travel back in time with us at the MedMuseum and learn about the history of cardiology to mark World Heart Day, in late September!

Twice a day (at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.) from September 26 through 29, you are welcome to join in a tour lasting about 30 minutes that will highlight a number of early achievements in cardiology. Advance registration is not required. Meeting point: Museum entrance

The Dessauer “Blitzapparat” took the first X-ray images of the heart (1909).

For more information about World Heart Day, please visit

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